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This Black Business Owner Created A Black Trivia Game Night To Support Other Black-Owned Businesses

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Guest playing games at our game night in February at La’Wan‘s Soul Food Restaurant.

Before COVID, EMichele Paul, the owner of the Melanin Enterprise Buy Black City Guide was bringing the Sip -N- Play Black trivia game night to Black owned restaurants, lounges, and cafes on a monthly basis. This fun and unique game night provided an instant economic boost for Black owned businesses while introducing the whole community to various Black game makers from around the country. It was also a great way to meet new people and welcome newcomers to the city.

During the game nights, our guest could expect to play over 60 games and 25 of them were board, trivia, and card games created by Black game makers!

On certain game nights, EMichele would host an "All Black Everything" Sip -N- Play. The means that on these nights, everything that we ate, drank, and played came from Black-Owned brands.

In October, Melanin Enterprise, the parent company, celebrated its 3rd Anniversary! Due to COVID, it was a small event, 30 people. The caterer was Black! The event space, Black owned! The games we play created by Black game makers! The beer and wine that we drank... made by Black brewers and wine makers! It was dopeAF! This event was by far one of the dopest tributes to #BlackExcellence but don't take our word for it, check out the video below and listen to what a few of our guests said!

At our recent "All Black Everything" Sip -N- Play, guests played Spill It and One Gotta Go at Home of the 90s AirBNB in Charlotte, NC. Both games in this video were created by #BlackGameMakers!

As the country starts to open up in 2021, we will be taking "the best damn game night on earth" on the road to circulate money back into our businesses while building new friendships. Let's connect if you would like for us to bring Sip -N- Play to your city!

In September, while on vacation, I told the owner of Bizzare The Coffee Bar about Trading Races, one of our favorite Black trivia card games and he invited us back the next day to host a Sip -N- Play Game Night!

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