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These Two Alpha Men Started Their Own Fedora Hat Brand Called BRIMS

Launched in 2017, founders of BRIMS Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch are prime examples of what it’s like to allow your passion to fuel a dream. All great things come with sacrifice and these men have experienced the long frustrating nights, the rejections, and the mistakes. But through it all, they have maintained the perseverance needed to excel in this world of trial and error. In honor of World’s Entrepreneurs Day, we wanted to learn more about the business side of their journey.

Tajh and Archie have been friends for years, meeting while they were in college and both being members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. After graduating college in 2012, Archie began working in the Human Resources industry, working for reputable brands such as Marshalls and Target. After years of hard work and dedication, the universe had other plans for him and he was released from his job into what would soon become the greatest part of his journey which is entrepreneurship. This came with a lot of doubt, but he knew it was the right time. Tajh gained his experience in the Information Systems field. Tajh always loved fashion and when Archie approached him with the idea to start a fashion line and after some convincing he was on board.

Before bringing the idea to Tajh, Archie researched every aspect of the market in order to make sure this was the right venture for him. There were no new and innovative brands for fedora hats. Their partnership started from their mutual love and respect for fashion and fedora hats. Having a history of sharing ideas and feedback with one another, they knew this would be the perfect entry into the fashion world.

They found a manufacturer that created the first sample and after receiving the sample they were both excited and overwhelmed. Now going full force, they started the process of legalizing their business, learning more about every process and living the #WearBRIMS lifestyle. “I love to research, research is very key. Tajh is the creative one of us. I wanted to make sure our LLC was correct. I wanted to make sure we had a strategy, plan and our pricing was correct. In the beginning, it was all about what sort of brand did we want to be? We priced our product too low. We created 3 styles that weren’t the best and as we researched, we had to understand who we were. When our website was designed, we began to learn how to create websites as well as designing our product so we can know exactly what we needed in order to be more impactful to our consumers. We still have learning to do but we know more about the business and our consumer” says Archie.

After trial and errors, the guys took more of a hands-on approach with every aspect of their company. They learned the design of the product, the design of the visual media side but most importantly, they listened to the voice of their consumer. They understood that although they had the passion and the vision, ultimately the customer is who could make or break the product. Throughout the years they have learned but they also aimed to teach and inspire others. No journey is hard, but if you truly believe in yourself and your brand, you can’t give up. “Trusting your intuition and judgment, go over your product and don’t rush the process. Your customers want quality and exclusivity. Be intentional and have the ability to adapt,” said Tajh.

When asked what makes BRIMS the Quintessential brand, Tajh states “I feel like our brand is a lifestyle. When you have one of our hats on, you walk with your head held high, walk with confidence and know that you are walking with a crown on your head. BRIMS is an accessory that boosts your confidence. It’s a conversation starter”.

Now offering multiples designs, Tajh and Archie are set to cement their place in fashion history. Their journey has just begun and the story of BRIMS will continue to inspire and shape culture and the industry one head at a time. To learn more about Taj and Archie’s BRIMS brand visit www.wearbrims.com and visit them on Instagram @wearbrims

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