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Charlotte Entrepreneur & Veteran Creates a Mobile App To Find Local Black Owned Businesses

Updated: Feb 27

Melanin Enterprise, the Black Professional Social Network launched a mobile app that is the home of the "All Black Everything" City Guide. It makes it easy and convenient to search for Black-owned businesses nationwide but the focus is and always will be finding, supporting, and sharing local Black-owned businesses!

How do we differ from the thousands of groups on Facebook that you're probably already in looking for Black-owned businesses or other apps that are out there? Well, whether you are home or traveling, you will be able to instantly connect with like-minded people and find Black-owned businesses near you just by opening our app (don't forget to turn your location on)! We also bring the community together to build community alliances through monthly networking events!

We are strengthening our communities all around the country city by city and Charlotte, NC is LEADING the way! Melanin Enterprise has been called the new Black Wall Street and Green Book by the members and business owners in our network and EMichele Paul, founder and owner, takes that distinction seriously and vows to uphold the mission, traditions, and values of both.

EMichele Paul is a native of Beaumont, Texas, mom of two sons (youngest son is currently serving in the US Navy), Marine Corps disabled combat veteran, and owner of Melanin Enterprise. She is passionate about serving her country and her community and has devoted her entire life to both.

"We use our phones and apps to do everything that is important to us, from keeping in touch with friends to paying bills, and now, we can use them to own our own destiny, celebrate our culture, create generational wealth for our children, support our businesses, and connect with like-minded people in our communities around the globe...in PEACE!" EMichele Paul

In 2019, ME helped over 1800 conscious consumers recycle over $32,000 back into black-owned businesses and assisted putting 14 people back to work! In 2020, our goal is to replicate our success in other cities by partnering with black-owned businesses to bring our events to their cities. All of our events are hosted at black owned venues!

Get To Know the Melanin Enterprise Features and Benefits

Melanin Enterprise for Members

Melanin Enterprise’s main feature is the “All Black Everything” City Guide, which helps conscious consumers discover the best Black-owned restaurants, shops, hotels, spas, bars, and entertainment in cities across America! No matter where they are, all a member has to do is open the app, and they will be able to locate the nearest black owned businesses within 100 miles (don't forget to turn on your location.)

Members will be able to check-in, read ratings and reviews, locate the business by GPS, contact the company directly, find business hours, and book reservations if the business has made that function available.

Once the members have located Black-owned businesses to support in the area, connect with locals in “RealTalk” on Melanin Enterprise. RealTalk! is that place on the internet reserved just for us to talk about our ideas openly, plan and organize movements or meetups, argue about what region has the best BBQ, meet new people, possibly find new friends or more, and any and everything relevant to our lives in a private, supportive, and stimulating “group chat” like forum. “We have a voice and it is powerful and formidable and we no longer have to borrow space on a main stream social network to be heard.” EMichele adds.

Melanin Enterprise for business owners

EMichele conducted a poll and 73% of the people polled said that they would support Black-owned businesses more frequently if they knew where they were located. Melanin Enterprise takes guessing out of conscious shopping. Plus, since Melanin Enterprise has launched, we have converted regular consumers into conscious consumers. But do you want to know the #1 reason black owned businesses advertise their businesses on Melanin Enterprise? Their targeted audience is on the app and at our events!

They believe that in order for the community to grow and thrive, it will take the commitment of “the village” to pull together all of its resources and make them readily available to conscious consumers around the country.

She went on to say, “I decided to create advertising partnerships instead of memberships because we are a community not a country club. It’s time for us to unite and partner with each other to pull every black neighborhood in the country together to form ONE community.”

She adds, “I want Black business owners to download the Melanin Enterprise app as Business Partners to increase their sales, grow their consumer base, strengthen brand awareness, and connect with a community that wants them to succeed, in a positive and supportive setting.

EMichele offers a free concierge service for business owners to help them maneuver through and adjust to their new online "back-end" office.

Business owners do not have the same view as members. You will not be able to see the entire network of businesses in your area unless you create a "members" profile.

Melanin Enterprise, the Black Professional Social Network is currently available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Here’s a quick link to download the app: http://onelink.to/ess52w

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