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Meet The Mother (63 Years Old) and Daughter Duo That's Changing The Face of Fitness

Habits of all kinds are often passed down through generations, whether they be poor destructive habits or healthy and supportive ones. Personal trainer Ellen Ector made sure that her love of fitness and healthy lifestyle habits were taught to her daughter Lana. Lana grew up playing sports and solidified her understanding of the importance of wellness at an early age. However, both Lana and her mother noticed the overall lack of access to fitness training and nutritious foods in some Black communities. Their drive to increase the representation of healthy lifestyles, especially for women of color, led to the creation of Gymnetics Fitness.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Gymnetics Fitness is focused on helping clients build the best version of themselves and not forcing them to fit into an idealized mold. Lana and her mother prioritize creating a safe family-friendly environment in their gym where women feel at home. “When you come in, you know you’re working with family,” Lana said. “Many of our members bring their family members, too. We encourage mother-daughter duos to join us as clients as well.”

Ellen and Lana work well together as business partners too. Their shared passions push them to make the gym—and each other—the best they can be. “We care so much about our business and taking it to the next level,” Lana said proudly. “And it’s nice to know that someone has your back one hundred per cent.”

Their hard work has made Gymnetics a thriving center for inspiration and support in the community. Social media has also been instrumental in building a platform to let them share ways that anyone can improve their health. Gymnetics even created an Instagram campaign called #blackgirlsworkouttoo where black women share workout pictures and videos that show being healthy can look different for everyone, but that living a healthy lifestyle is for everyone.

Over the past ten years of her working as a trainer, she has seen fitness transform people’s lives. With each new client, Lana works to instill confidence first and then build from there. Adopting a mindset of treating yourself well through diet and exercise can transform all aspects of someone’s life for the better. In addition to fitness training, Gymnetics will soon release a vegan cookbook geared towards Black women to help them create more balanced diets that support their workouts. After adopting a vegan diet herself, Lana wants to show other black women that it only takes a few small changes to transform your eating habits forever.

For the future of Gymnetics, Lana said: “When we come up with something, it’s all about sharing it with the community.” The familial spirit of mother-daughter teamwork has created a new fitness family where everyone is dedicated to helping the person next to them. “We truly care about fun, fitness, and culture,” she continued. “If we can do it, you can do it too.”

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