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#GoWithTheFro: Pearland 22 Year Old Competing for Miss America Crown!

After five months of representing Texas, Chandler Foreman, 22, is preparing to compete for the job of Miss America in next week’s pageant at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

Foreman graduated from Houston’s High School of the Performing and Visual Arts with a major in music. The aspiring entertainment host now pursues a broadcast media degree at the University of North Texas, but paused her education to serve as Miss Texas.

Foreman is the co-founder of Kween to Queen YOUniversity- “a safe space where girls can be vulnerable, make new friends, and gain a big sister, also known as a mentor.”

In September, the non-profit organization went on a Houston-area school tour in an effort to “inspire students to commit to the journey of becoming their best self.”

As Miss Texas, Foreman’s philanthropy focuses on children. She serves as a state ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in an effort to raise awareness and funds to save lives. The Houston-area native also is a partner of Texas Cares for Children in which she offers a character-education program that highlights the importance of “making good choices, developing positive activities and habits, good citizenship, and responsibility.”

Through her social impact initiative “The Leader Within,” Miss Texas traveled to the state to meet with and encourage younger generations by sharing her life story and discussing education, community service and women’s empowerment.

Foreman’s Miss Texas profile states "Her Social Impact addresses not only her struggles as a young girl, but has found that 75% of girls and boys in grades 9-12 also experience very similar struggles. She believes that ‘young people are the force that shifts this country and society forward. While we come from different backgrounds, we can CHOOSE to serve, CHOOSE to love, CHOOSE to empower and to be leaders and world changers.’”

Miss America will air live Dec. 19 at 7 p.m.

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