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Get Directions (GPS)  


Upload 5 business photos  
•    Read and respond to reviews and ratings

Confirm reservations and/or appointments  


Request any extra information through business portal such as # of guest, celebrations, and/or special accommodations needed 


Be seen FIRST by everyone who visits our mobile app within a 100-mile radius of your business address  


Refer ME members and partners to your business. (Referred members Discount


o    Link your Facebook and Instagram pages to your ME business profile  
o    4 Features on our IG, FB, LinkedIn pages per year

Vendor Package
o    One sponsored networking events 
o    (1) 30 second pitch to audience during sponsored events
o    You will be the only sponsored partner in your industry during the event


Exclusive invites to quarterly private Power House luncheons with professionals and entrepreneurs.

Business Set Up Concierge – We will set up your business page for you in order for to sign up as a member and take advantage of the entire network 


20 minute personal instruction to understanding the ME mobile app


 Plus Valued Business Partner benefits

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We will help grow your monthly sales by bringing in new and repeat clientele to your establishment. 

Advertise your business on ME

Boost brand recognition by promoting your business on our FaceBook and Instagram pages. 

Available for partners with store front businesses only.


Plus all Valued Business Partner benefits

$15/IG & FB POST

Need a quick and effective IG and Facebook promotion of a sale or event?


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