MELANIN ENTERPRISE is the #1 mobile app for finding local Black-owned businesses, creating multi-generational wealth and economic independence, while connecting with like-minded people at our events and in our exclusive in-app "RealTalk" group chat!

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  • Find and support local Black-owned businesses

  • Check-in & favorite businesses you want to visit again!

  • Read & write reviews

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  • Connect with like-minded friends in our exclusive "RealTalk" group chat

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# of Black-Owned Businesses receiving targeted advertising with a global presence & local focus 

# of new & repeat customers that have invested their dollars into black-owned businesses

Known amount of money circulated back into black-owned businesses and Charlotte's economy as a result of our events, partnerships, & referrals

# of jobs filled through our new Staffing Solutions Center! If you need help finding great talent (contract, gigs, part time, & full time, let's talk!

*Since Jan 1, 2019

  • When we buy black, we exercise our self-determination that enables us to create, define, think, and speak for ourselves

  • We each feel like we matter more and we have responsibility & control over what's happening around us

  • More people have opportunity and access to wealth and our businesses have greater means of production and competition

  • Wealth is distributed in a way that is healthier and just and less destabilizing to humanity

  • We build stronger, safer communities 

  • We create strong, inclusive local economies

  • Foster job creation

  • Present visibility and a true representation of our culture that inspires the next generation 

  • If we do not build for ourselves, will be controlled by those that do

I posted awhile back looking for a recruiting service to help me locate talent to strengthen my teams. I had not had much luck with a few other agencies however I recalled a conversation with someone from the group referring EMichele Paul Howard and her business Melanin Enterprise. I could write a short story about how pleased we were with her work so I will keep it brief. She is VERY professional, Very detailed, sent quality candidates and Very affordable, even for a small business like us. She even has a replacement policy in case a candidate does not work out.
I would recommend ME to any business owner who is looking to hire staff for their business. EMichele Paul is one of the best!!

Working with Melanin Enterprise has been an "eye-opening experience!

It was immediately obvious that this is a company that is willing to go the distance to help make the connection the Black Commerce Community. I really appreciated how easy it was to communicate with EMichele and how she made sure to promote my business to all that she came into contact with. I look forward to working with Melanin Enterprise in the near future.

I was floored by EMichele's commitment to find, visit, and support black owned businesses. She is creating an amazing platform for us.